Prawn and pineapple skewers: an exotic duo for tasty cuisine

To add a touch of exoticism to this winter season, we find prawn and pineapple skewers. This delicious combination will allow you to surprise your guests while offering a delicate and balanced dish. Discover the secrets of original and refined cuisine.

The essential ingredients for successful skewers

To make delicious prawn and pineapple skewers, you will need a few essential ingredients :

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  • Prawns: choose them preferably raw and peeled. Their tender and juicy flesh will pair wonderfully with the texture of the pineapple.
  • Pineapple : choose fresh fruit, cut into pieces of about 2 centimeters on a side. You can also opt for canned pineapple if you can't find fresh one.

It's all a question of taste!

Feel free to add some personal touches in your recipe by varying the ingredients. For example, replace honey with maple syrup or add spices like curry or paprika to enhance the flavors of your skewers.

Preparing the marinade

Provide a tasty marinade is essential to give flavor to your prawns. Here is a suggested ingredient:

  • a few spoons of honey (or agave syrup, or maple syrup),
  • a little rice vinegar,
  • olive oil,
  • salt and pepper.

Mix all these ingredients well and let your prawns marinate for about 30 minutes at room temperature. Your skewers will be fine imbued with flavors.

The steps for making prawn and pineapple skewers

1. Cooking prawns

First, heat a pan with a little olive oil. When it is hot, add the prawns drained from their marinade. Brown them for 2 to 3 minutes on each side, until they are nicely browned. Be careful not to overcook them, as they risk losing their tenderness.

2. Preparing the skewers

While your prawns are cooking, you can start preparing your pineapple. Cut it into pieces of about 2 centimeters on each side and reserve them in a dish.

Once the prawns are cooked, thread them onto skewers, alternating with the pineapple pieces. Take care distribute flavors and textures on each skewer for a harmonious result.

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3. Cooking the skewers

Your prawn and pineapple skewers are now ready to be cooked. To do this, heat a plancha or grill, then place the skewers on it. Let them cook for about 2 minutes on each side, basting them regularly with the rest of the marinade. You can also place them in an oven preheated to 200°C (th.6) for 10 minutes.

Side dish ideas

To accompany these prawn and pineapple skewers, carefully choose the accompaniments that will highlight them. Original and tasty ideas can help you enhance your dish:

Quinoa and crunchy vegetable salad

Quinoa will provide source of vegetable proteins ideal for balancing your meal. Accompany it with crunchy vegetables like peppers, cucumbers and grated carrots to add a touch of freshness and color to your plate.

Herb roasted new potatoes

These small potatoes baked with a little olive oil and Provence herbs will be the ideal setting to highlight the sweet and sour taste of your skewers. You can also replace them with sweet potatoes if you prefer a more exotic option.

©Clark Douglas – Unsplash

The success of prawn and pineapple skewers depends above all on the quality of the ingredients. Take care to select fresh seasonal products, and don't hesitate to add your personal touch by varying the flavors. The key to a successful dish lies in the balance between textures and tastes, so give free rein to your creativity and enjoy in a friendly atmosphere!

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