McDonald's: is microwaving food dangerous?

McDonald's customers can save their meal for later so as not to waste it. But is reheating your dish dangerous?

While food waste remains a perennial scourge, some McDonald's customers may save their food for later. But is reheating your burger or fries in the microwave dangerous? MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

McDonald's: a boss of seduction

McDonald's continues to expand its influence around the world. Indeed, the firm uses different strategies to seduce the general public.

The fast-food company wants to expand into new sectors. This is the case, for example, with football. Eh yes !

McDonald's is then in a good position to become the future naming of the French Ligue 1 championship for the 2024-2025 season. Just that !

We do not comment on rumors or the associated amounts. As a privileged partner of amateur sport, and football in particular, we are solicited and attentive to opportunities to support French sport. the firm then declared, contacted by Foot Mercato.

But that's not all ! Indeed, McDonald's has many ideas to attract its audience. The firm even released a mini-series to recruit young people. Anyway !

It is then called “Everything Changes” and it features students who work in the famous fast-food restaurant. The objective of this communication strategy is therefore to break down prejudices and to highlight the human qualities that this work provides. If that, it’s not beautiful!

Finally, recently, McDonald's also launched into entertainment in collaboration with the Pierrot Studio. An announcement made in a video published on his X account. Subscribers can then see animated characters with company products. Enough to attract a new audience!

But McDonald's is, above all, fast food. Some customers therefore sometimes do not no time to finish their meal in the store and can then take their food with them. But is it dangerous to microwave fast food wrappers? MCE TV tells you more!

Should McDonald's microwave meals be avoided?

If McDonald's likes to delight its customers with innovations always more surprising than the other, meals can sometimes be very substantial. In fact, to avoid waste, customers can take their meal home. But is heating your packaging in the microwave dangerous? ?

You must know that McDonald's meals reheat very wellthanks in particular to food that lasts longer than its competitors.

You can then reheat the McNuggets in the air fryer. For the hamburgers, customers can put them in the microwave for about 35 seconds. Top !

But be careful, it can get complicated! Indeed, while McDonald's packaging does not present a fire risk like metal packaging, there is, all the same, a health risk. because of chemicals which then seep into food. Thin !

Specific chemicals can also get into food, so it is best to transfer food to other containers for storage. When a McDonald's package is microwaved, the PFCs vaporize and leach into the food itself.

If some were planning to keep the original packaging in the microwave, there is still time to give it up!