Closing of the chair Food and eating well Campus de Beaulieu Rennes April 18, 2024

Closing of chair Food and eating well Campus de Beaulieu RennesClosing of chair Food and eating well Campus de Beaulieu Rennes

Closing of the Food and Eating Well Campus of Beaulieu Rennes, Thursday April 18, 2024.

Closing of the chair Food and eating well After 4 years of activity, the actors of the chair invite you to attend the restitution of the knowledge acquired and to share their thoughts on the continuity of this experience. Thursday April 18, 2:00 p.m. Beaulieu Campus

Start and end dates and times (year – month – day – time):
Start: 2024-04-18T14:00:00+02:00 – 2024-04-18T18:00:00+02:00
End: 2024-04-18T14:00:00+02:00 – 2024-04-18T18:00:00+02:00

The “Food and eating well” chair created by the University of Rennes Foundation in 2020, and supported by Pierre Weill*, former president of the Valorial competitiveness cluster and the Center Culinaire Conseil, aimed to acquire scientific data useful to stakeholders of the food chain in order to bring producers and eaters closer together.

Convinced of the importance of creating more bridges between the scientific disciplines and expertise present on the Rennes site, the chair's stakeholders relied on the mobilization of several laboratories (ISCR, IPR, CREM, NuMeCan, LTSI)* in fields as varied as that of health, the properties of matter, computer science, or the human sciences of organizations and societies. Claude Fischler, sociologist of food, accepted the role of “third party watchman” to support the collective of actors (academics, businesses, communities) throughout the project.

*Pierre Weill is also co-founder of the Bleu-Blanc-Cœur association, and defended a doctoral thesis at the University of Rennes on May 24, 2022.

Partner laboratories: ISCR: Institute of Chemical Sciences of Rennes UMR 6226 (CNRS, University of Rennes); IPR: Rennes Institute of Physics UMR 6251 (CNRS, University of Rennes); CREM: Center for Research in Economics and Management UMR 6211 (CNRS, University of Rennes, University of Caen Normandy); NuMeCan – Nutrition Metabolism Cancer Institute (INSERM U1241, INRAE, University of Rennes); LTSI – Signal and Image Processing Laboratory (INSERM, University of Rennes).

Event hosted by Pierre Weill and Claude Fischler.

– Does the responsible consumer, ready to pay for sustainable development, exist? Contributions from Matthieu Pourrieux and Aurélie Bonnein, researchers at CREM and specialists in experimental economics.

– Is there a measurable link between production method and nutritional quality of food? With Emmanuelle Limanton and Ludovic Paquin, engineer and researcher at ISCR: decryption of the “biological and nutritional footprint of tomatoes” study carried out with Serres de Goulaines.

– Are there research questions on the diet and health link that new technologies can provide answers to? With Professor Ronan Thibault, head of the Nutrition Unit at Rennes University Hospital and researcher at the NuMeCan Institute: focus on actimetry, a health marker for elderly people living in nursing homes, and the functioning of the gut-brain axis (biological imprints).

– What is the influence of Drive on food purchases? With Olivier Droulers, researcher at CREM, specialist in marketing and consumer neuroscience and head of Neurolab.

– What are the contributions of physics and medicine to the swallowing and hydration problems of seniors? With Arnaud Saint-Jalmes, researcher at IPR: focus on the TEXTURO project – Food texture and specialized food: from structure to rheological and sensory properties.

– “Meat and Myths”: what are the representations of “Eating Well”? (his speeches, his founding myths) – Contributions from Maud Chever and Laura Sabbado da Rosa, researchers at CREM: deciphering the study carried out on the drivers and vectors of meat deconsumption.

A convivial break will be offered to you during the event.

Beaulieu Campus 263 avenue Général Leclerc, RENNES Rennes 35042 Jeanne d’Arc – Longs Champs – Beaulieu Ille-et-Vilaine Bretagne ({“type”: “link”, “value”: “https://fondation.univ-rennes .fr/inscription-18-avril-2024-chaire-alimentes-et-bien-manger-2020-2024 »})

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