Airfryer: 6 foods you should never put in a hot air fryer

The Airfryer has generated real enthusiasm in recent years. And for good reason, this device, halfway between a fryer and a multicooker, allows you to prepare many dishes with little or no fat. However, some foods are not compatible with the hot air fryer. We take stock.

It's the star of the kitchen! More and more people are giving up the oven for the benefit of the Airfryer because This device allows you to fry, roast, brown or even reheat your food. Its high-speed pulsed hot air flow guarantees perfectly even cooking, faster and above all much less greasy. This hot air fryer therefore represents a major ally when it comes to saving time behind the stove and monitoring your figure. However, despite its incredible versatility, this drawer appliance cannot cook everything and anything. Some foods are even incompatible with the Airfryer!

Airfryer: what can you cook in a hot air fryer?

Those who have tested it quickly recognize that the Airfryer has a lot of advantages. As a bonus, it is not only used to prepare crispy fries, it can cook a whole range of foods ! Here's what you can cook with a hot air fryer:

  • meats and fish (poultry, steak, sausages, seafood, etc.);
  • vegetables that can be grilled (eggplant, zucchini, corn on the cob, pepper, tomato, onion, carrot, cauliflower, etc.);
  • frozen foods;
  • pastries (cake, tart, cake, muffin, etc.);
  • different dishes (lasagna, tartlet, quiche, homemade pizza, fried ravioli, vegetable chips, grilled pumpkin seeds, etc.).

What foods should not be cooked in an Airfryer?

Unfortunately, such an advantageous device also has some disadvantages. Besides the fact that the air fryer is not suitable for large quantities, some dishes cannot be prepared in an Airfryer. Indeed, cooking may not proceed correctly.

Large pieces of meat

First of all, large pieces of meat (like a roast chicken) are not intended for cooking in the Airfryer. Even if your leg of lamb fits in the basket, the circulation of hot air would be hindered and you could end up with meat that is grilled on top but raw on the inside.

Leafy vegetables

You should avoid cooking leafy vegetables (spinach, watercress, endives, kale) in this appliance because they are simply too light. Yes, because of the hot air, the leaves could stick to the robot's heating elements.


As for cheese lovers, you may be disappointed. The majority of fresh cheeses have a low melting temperature, which means they can burn quickly in the basket. The only exceptions? Frozen halloumi and cheese products!

Rice and pasta

If you were planning to use the Airfryer to cook rice and pasta, well, it's grated. As this appliance is not designed to bring water to a boil, it will not be able to do anything other than make these starchy foods crispy while leaving them raw.

The popcorn

The hot air fryer won't be able to make popcorn for you… For them to pop properly, the corn kernels must reach a very high temperature, which goes well beyond the limits of the Airfryer. Not only will your popcorn look like nothing, but the corn kernels could also get stuck in the wall of the appliance and cause a fire!

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