Three frangipane cocktail recipes for all queens, whether they have the bean or not

Rather frangipane pancake or queens' crown? Because the month of January is not yet over, here are three themed cocktail recipes to enhance your royal feasts.

After my cocktail recipes (and mocktails) to survive the end-of-year holidays, I offer you something to console you if your little cousin gets the bean for the twelfth consecutive year (clearly this game is rigged).

The harvest by the Montreal Distillery

This cocktail with accents of apples and frangipane, created by the Distillerie de Montréal, can be enjoyed like a dessert!

The ingredients of The Harvest

  • 45 ml of apple brandy
  • 30 ml lemon juice
  • 15 ml of orgeat syrup
  • 3 dashes of aromatic bitters
  • 1 slice of dehydrated lemon for decoration

The recipe for the La Récolte cocktail

Put all the ingredients in a shaker, shake vigorously then serve in a bowl decorated with a slice of lemon.

Frangipane Spritz

A classic with a clever twist. Prepare to have an Epiphany!

The ingredients of Frangipane Spritz

  • 3 volumes of sparkling white wine or sparkling rosé
  • 1 volume and a quarter of raspberry, strawberry or blackberry liqueur
  • A quarter volume of Amaretto
  • A quarter volume of vanilla liqueur or vanilla vodka
  • 1 teaspoon of coconut rum
  • 1 teaspoon caramel liqueur
  • 1 volume of sparkling water

The recipe for Frangipane Spritz

In a scotch glass topped with ice, pour the ingredients in the order listed above, stirring gently to combine.

Frangipane Old Fashioned

Here is a third cocktail, a bit more elaborate, which will require you to master the “Fatwash” technique. As bartender Alan Guenuchot, to whom we owe this special galette des rois cocktail, describes it, Fatwash consists of “imbue a spirit with the flavors of a fatty substance”. To do this, we combine fat (such as butter, bacon oil, coconut oil, etc.) with an alcohol at room temperature, then we let the mixture sit for a few hours in the freezer until the fat solidifies and rises again. the surface. We then skim everything using a coffee filter for example, which allows only the aromas to be recovered. If all this seems abstract to you, Alan Guenuchot returns to this technique in a featured story, pinned to his Instagram profile.

The ingredients of Frangipane Old Fashioned

  • 60 ml Fatwashed Bourbon with Frangipane
  • 10 ml of Grand Marnier
  • 5 ml of Amaretto
  • 3 touches of Angostura
  • Orange zest for decoration

The recipe for Frangipane Old Fashioned

Mix everything with a spoon, in a glass garnished with ice cubes.

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